Aliya Bhatia


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When COVID-19 became a pandemic, we were gearing up to announce a huge party for dogs in Yaletown, with sponsors, vendors, and a beer garden, which we need to either cancel or postpone now. An event of this magnitude basically breaks even, but all of the expenses had been paid, with much of the revenue still in AR. So naturally, I started to panic. All of a sudden, in one day, everything changed. The business that my partner and I had spent 4 years building, that we finally figured out how to monetize, was about to come to an end. But, I just couldn’t say goodbye. I couldn’t say goodbye to the dog owners we had gotten so close to over the years, our partners that we had daily phone calls with...to the team. The team that had become like family. And so, I started making some phone calls. I called every small business owner, and entrepreneur I knew. And I asked, "What are you doing to rebuild?" And then we asked, "What can we do, together, to rebuild?" And, with a tonne of passion, collaboration, and very little sleep, in 4 days, we managed to launch #GetSocialBox. This experience has taught me that you can only go so far alone. But together is where the magic happens. Together…we can come out of this 10x stronger.

Anna Chan


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For everyone today, there’s a new reality. What does YOURS look like? Mine is that I now have my 2 year old son everyday full time while trying to manage a dynamic tech & offline start up in an environment where nearly every small business is being squeezed. Being a mom and entrepreneur - trying to launch, balance my life, monetize the business and manage my team - all of this was already really challenging but now with COVID19, in a matter of days not only do I have to swiftly adjust my life but also my business to absorb the immense impacts. Community is deeply rooted at myMomentum’s heart and soul – it’s the fuel to our fire. We come together to support each other but with COVID - how can we continue to do this?  Knowing things might not flip back to ‘normal’ in the next several weeks, I felt that I think fast on my feet and was gravitated to colleagues/friends who are amazing entrepreneurs who were in the exact same position as me - what can we do TOGETHER? How can we band together and make something incredibly positive and magic out of an immensely challenging situation - think out of the box and bring community even stronger together.

Carly Geill


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With COVID-19 hitting Vancouver, it’s been a really scary time.  Seeing many of my friends, family and people in my demographic having their lives flipped upside down due to the uncertainty of how their careers will withstand this pandemic. Businesses started shutting down, brands I follow and love were closing their doors, and people close to me were starting to worry about day-to-day life, reality really kicked in. This wasn’t going away, and something had to be done. As a passion-driven individual, when I was approached by the Co-Founder of PawSwap, the company I currently work for, about creating a new idea to help small businesses, I knew this could be something special. Fast-forward 4 days, a lot of coffee, and a lot of hard work…  #GetSocialBox is here! It’s an exciting new experience for me, working alongside a group of entrepreneurs who have really put their hearts into their companies. Bringing together our different skill sets in order to provide a resource for the businesses we support and love. Now more than ever it’s time to band together regardless of the industry we are in. The power of community is like no other, so let’s make this happen!

April Bellia


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A lot has changed in the last few days. For one, I was supposed to be a panelist and workshop leader for Summit at UNBC, which was cancelled. I also had to cancel, or postpone, a family music festival I am producing called Diversity Festival YVR, where my son's Autism band 13th Floor was going to perform. I had collaborated with artists, performers, vendors, and sponsors, with advertising budgets already spent. On the other spectrum, the demand for Granola Girl has never been better; however, with a shortage of raw ingredients, I'm feeling the pinch as I need to source other ingredients at an economical price. I’m also very proud of the Granola Girl community. ​After some discussion with Anna of MyMomentum the day before, I found myself on a 3-way text with Anna and Aliya talking about ways we could bring our events online and continue serving our communities. 2 days later, #GetSocialBox was created! The gift in this state of emergency is for us to think even more outside of the box and learn to do things in a new way. It feels more collaborative, compassionate, heart-led and a chance to reframe the way we can support each other. I believe, “together is better!“.

Tom Fitzgerald


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I'm Tom, founder of Siply, a mobile app that drives new business info coffee shops and VancouverCoffeeSnob.com, Canada's largest coffee shop website. I help small coffee shops grow into large coffee shops by helping them sell and market their services. Over the last 4 days, I watched the impact of the COVID-19 virus decimate the coffee shop industry. Small cafes and roasters have closed their doors, laid off all their employees, and are facing the very real threat that some of them will never reopen. My personal company, Siply, relies on these small businesses to be open in order to achieve it's mission of sending them new customers. Siply will survive whatever storm is ahead of us, but it's irrelevant if there are no businesses left to help at the end. GetSocialBox is going to give those business owners a voice to grow their community. It will give them money in their pockets to help pay the bills and it will give them the motivation to keep pushing forward through some really dark times. 



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