Hey there Vancouver

Small Businesses!

Okay, we know you must be going through a lot right now.


You’ve had to close your doors, maybe lay some people off, sales are down...We get it. It sucks. It could destroy your business. But, you’re here now! We’re here now. And collectively, we can make a huge impact. One that allows us to get out of this even stronger than before.


We are a group of Vancouver entrepreneurs, like you, that have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 virus, so we’ve banded together to create #GetSocialBox. Our mission is to help small businesses like yours, get social online, so you can continue to engage with your community while bringing more exposure to your business. Let's join forces and come back 10x stronger than before.


The best part, it’s completely free for you.

Don't know where to start? Have some questions? We're not just here to provide you with an easy to use platform, we can also help with content, ideas, and support, and assistance (for free, no strings attached). Set up a 15 minute call with our Co-Creator, Aliya Bhatia to chat about ideas.