We aren’t here to give you a formula for success. There is no secret recipe. There is no right or wrong. There is only here, and now, and outcomes lead by following your inner compass. We are here as a tool, as guides, as a nudge on the shoulder when you need it the most.


We don't call these Master Classes for a reason. A class has structure, with a desired outcome. If there's one thing we've learned over the last few weeks, it's that desired outcomes can be limiting, and the journey can come to an abrupt end when we least expect it, especially if set by other people. 

Meet your new tribe. Our guides don't need to share the fancy titles or bios with you. We aren't here to convince you of anything. We value oneness, and believe each person has an individual gift. We're just here to help you through that journey. We are just people, guiding other people. 



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